I am Max Ashton

Designer, Developer, Dreamer

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My starting point into programming computer games was OpenGL with C++. C++ is my favourite language but not the most common one that I use.

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Unity3D is my most recent development platform for developing games. Especially for smart games that need to be cross platform across multiple devices.

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Unreal Engine 4

Unreal Engine 4 is the development platform I use when cutting edge graphics and performance is a key requirement.


ASP.net MVC 5 and WPF

When developing for the web, I prefer to use Microsoft Development tools. ASP.net MVC 5 and ASP.net WCF are the two technologies that are used across all my web-based projects.

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Just like any web developer, I am proficient in JQuery and JavaScript, which I use for any website client side programming.

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Coffee Script

When I write JavaScript code, I prefer to use the Coffee Script Interpreter, as in my opinion, it allows me to produce clearer code

Spotlight Projects2

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Ninja Dash

The aim of the game is to keep your ninja alive as long as possible. This is done by touching and pressing on a touchscreen to jump, float and throw shuriken.

Spin Pop

Spin Pop is my second smart phone game. Once finished, it will be released on App Stores across all major devices.

The main game play idea is to complete a set of puzzles by moving the spinning top with touch based gestures.

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University Of East Anglia - Games Laboratory

For my UEA Games Laboratory team project, in which took the role of team lead, we created a multi-player RPG game using Unity3D.

It's not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen.

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That's Me!

Max Ashton

Professional Freelance Developer and Computer Games Programmer

Here's a little about my education. Back in 2012 I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Software Engineering with a first class from The University of Salford. In 2015, I completed a Master's degree in Computer Games Development at The University of East Anglia with a distinction.

My professional projects range from complete custom e-commerce websites with payment systems to video game technologies.

Pursuing my passion of computer games, I am currently contracting for Sony Interactive Entertainment in their R&D techonologies department.

My goal in life is to inspire and change the world using computer games.

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I live by the moto: "The more you put into life, the more you get out of it"

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